Blank CV template

A blank CV is to guide a person who wants to write a CV. A Curriculum vitae should be presented in a way that best reflects the experience, background and traits of the person. Since this is only a guide as to what is expected in a CV, you may modify it to the specifications you find appropriate for the job. Follow any specifications given by the prospective employer such as content, number of referees and length of the CV. Below is a blank CV template:

Blank CV template

First Name Surname


Mobile Number

Telephone Number

Email address

Personal information

Date of birth

Marital Status





This section contains a summary of your experience, skills and abilities. You should specify the exact abilities you have which will be relevant to the prospective employer thus increasing your chances of being invited for that interview. Many people do not include this part but it is very important.

Core competencies

Here you should write your professional and personal strong points. This includes the duties that you are most competent in.

Professional experience

Start Date – to current date: Job Title, Name of your current employer or your last employer if you are not currently employed.

You may include a brief description of the business of the company and any other relevant information


  • Briefly state about five or six jobs/tasks you have carried out in bullet form

Start date – End date: Previous job title, previous employer

Description of the organization


  • Briefly state about five or six jobs you have done in bullet form

State all relevant previous employment positions you held in the past in the same way.

Professional Qualifications

  • List all the relevant professional qualifications you have such as ACCA, Chartered Engineer, etc


List any additional training you have such as computer training, programming and foreign/second languages

Interest and Hobbies

List the activities that you enjoy engaging in. Use this part to show yourself in good light so don’t write things that will make the employer not want to hire you.

Extracurricular activities:

List extracurricular activities that you are involved in such as sports

Seminars Attended:

Write the professional seminars that you have attended that are related to the job you are applying for.


List relevant achievements that you had in your professional or educational experience

cv template