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Bookkeeping is a method used by companies to keep track of their transactions and financial flow with the use of professional bookkeeping standards and rules. A certified bookkeeper handles the maintenance of accounting books by fervently placing entries in accounts regarding transactions made with it. Financial record-keeping will never be obsolete even though technology has taken over the traditional style of bookkeeping; a bookkeeper will always be in demand in the job market.

Bookkeeping Resume Template

Hannah Palm

Address: 123 45th Street, Portland, Oregon, 67890


Contact No.: 987-654-3210

To obtain a bookkeeping position in a company where my bookkeeping skills will be of service to maintain accounts.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Solid knowledge on bookkeeping and accounting terminology, formats, standards and entry bookkeeping system
  • Excellent organizational skills with a keen eye for detail
  • Ability to analyze data to identify discrepancies
  • Superb communication and teamwork skills


Career Experience/Job History:


Big Corporation, OR
Accounting Bookkeeping

  • Understand details of transactions and judge accounts needed to be debited or credited
  • Maintain books by posting entries to respective accounts
  • Provide satisfactory answers to account queries and assist in internal and external auditing procedures
  • Supervise bookkeeping processes to ensure legal compliance with state standards
  • Maintain petty cash resister and submit weekly reports on expenditure

Medium /finance Corp., OR

Junior Bookkeeper

  • Coordinate with accounts receivable and payable clerk  and post income and expenditures in ledger
  • Prepare bank reconciliation statements ad match deposits, withdrawals and check  clearance with the back statement and with personal bookkeeping records
  • Prepare various supporting documents such as bills, receipts, purchase orders, invoices, and bank statements
  • Receive reports from purchase and sales department regarding all sales transactions and update accounting books with corresponding bookkeeping entries



• Qualified as certified bookkeeper from the American Institute of Certified bookkeepers
• graduated with honors from college degree




B.S. in Accounting, University of Oregon, USA


References Available Upon Request.


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