Bookstore CV

Applying for a job at a bookstore will require at least a certain level of literary competency, depending on how high one wishes to go. A simple cashier’s job may not require knowledge of books, but becoming the store manager most definitely will. The Retail Assistants are expected to know about authors and books so as to correctly guide customers to the correct sections.

A bookstore CV may be used to apply for a Bookstore Retail Assistant’s job as well as for those looking to become Bookstore Retail Managers, Coordinators and Bookstore Retail Buyers.

Sample Bookstore CV Template

Mary Louis

Life Street, 36#

Virginia Beach


Mobile No: +34  24 3 2 2

Telephone No: +32 33434 23

Career Objective: To use my passion for literature and books to aid those looking to buy at bookstores.

Professional Experience:

2006-2007: Virginia Beach Library: worked as an Assistant Library Manager, looking after book shelves and restocking. I was also responsible for helping readers find the correct books and for unearthing really old editions on demand.

2007-2010: Front Books Bookshop, Virginia Beach: worked as a Retail Assistant guiding customers to the correct sections and suggesting new releases and editions available for purchase.

Bookstore Objectives:

  • To ensure that customers know about new releases
  • To ensure that customers are familiar with different editions of books
  • To guide customers to the correct sections
  • To inform customers of new offers, schemes and discounts
  • To inform customers of other buying options (abridged, collected etc.)
  • To keep informed about authors and books, old and new alike


2003-2006: Bachelors Degree in World Literature, University of Virginia


I received a special mention at the Annual Virginia Beach Library Convention for unearthing a very old edition of “Don Quixote”, which had been lying hidden for more than six decades.


  • Sewing
  • Cooking


“Upon request”