Botanist CV Template

Botanists are biological scientists specializing in the science of plants.  Because of the broad number of species of plants, botanists may also specialize further depending on the type of plants they study.  Botanists may work in universities as researchers or professors and can also work in nature or agricultural organizations.


Sample Botanist CV Template

Gerry Fidler

Turnbridge Road

Liverpool, Merseyside, L35 2JE

Phone:  456-776-4444



A graduate of Botany with a wealth of knowledge and considerable experience who is seeking employment as a Botanist of a renowned company or agricultural research institution.


Summary of Qualification

  • Has three years of work experience as a botanist.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Great understanding of plants and sub-topics in the field such as plant anatomy, genetics, and phycology.
  • Has visited many forests and other sites and exposed to numerous plant types in different ecosystems.
  • Adept in the use of computer programs and applications related to the web in enhancing and making work more efficient.


Career Experience/Job History


2007 – Present:  Botanist, Quality Agri Company

  • Responsible for identifying plant samples and plants in the actual habitats.
  • Collect and preserve plant samples that have been identified.
  • Study different plants, their nature, and possible new uses in the field of agriculture and medicine.
  • Determine the properties and detailed development of plants as well as their anatomy and physiology.
  • Work with other experts to develop new methods of preserving plants and preventing the extinction of rare plants.
  • Make a complete documentation of all tests and identification.
  • Propose ways of making new knowledge known to the public for general use.



2003 – 2006:  Master of Science in Botany, Liverpool University

1999 – 2003:  Bachelor of Science in Botany, Liverpool University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.