Brewing Engineering CV

Brewing Engineering comprises of using chemical, biological and electrical appliances to brew beer. It is a lucrative job for anyone looking to work with chemicals as well as formal liquids. A Brewing Engineer is responsible for setting up the Brewing Plant, including looking after the water disposition, machinery installation and raw materials competency.

A Brewing Engineer’s job is really quite specific, however a knowledge of chemistry is all it takes for one to go towards it. Brewing Engineers may eventually become Water Engineers for their expertise in liquids or they may go into Biochemical or Chemical Engineering.

Sample Brewing Engineering CV Format

Aldo Raine

Moonshine Street



Mobile No: +334 323 4565

Telephone No: +8567 54334

Career Objective: To put my knowledge of liquids and brewing to profitable use; both for the employee and myself.

Professional Experience:

Charles Brewing, 2006-2010: worked as a Brewing Engineer, looking after the setting up of the plant, its smooth running thereof and I was responsible for managing all the liquid perishables.

Brewing Engineering Objectives:

  • To use chemical and biological knowledge to prepare recipes
  • To set up plants efficiently and as cheaply as possible
  • To order new equipment as necessary
  • To prepare budgets for the company
  • To manage the brewing team


2002-2006: Bsc in Microbiology, Wyoming University


I have been awarded free subscription to Charles Beer for life for my exemplary work at their brew factory.


  • Interior Lighting Systems
  • Wall Decorations


“Upon request”