British CV template

Curriculum Vitae is a marketing tool that is used to market your skills and competencies so that prospective employers hire you. While drafting a British CV, there are two types of formats that are popular, reverse chronological and functional. Increasingly, however, it has been noticed that British employers prefer functional CVs to chronological ones.

Despite the fact that today more and more British employers are accepting the American format of resume writing, it is important to understand the basics of British CV, just so that you are not left in lurch, if your employer were to demand it. The basic outline of any good British CV template would start with personal details and then talk about education, then language skills, work experience and lastly leisure activities.

In the personal details section, it is important that you mention your name, address, contact number, email id, nationality, birth date and marital status. Education section should ideally contain the most recent qualification first and then move on to the earlier ones. Language proficiency involves proficiency in foreign language, whether fluent in written as well as spoken or just one of the two should be mentioned.

Work experience, as mentioned before can be in the reverse chronological format or could state the functional responsibilities held by you and then giving a brief timeline of jobs held. It is however, important that you mention all possible details regarding the jobs you held, including name of organisation, joining and leaving date, reason for leaving and responsibilities. Finally, never forget to mention your achievements and skills as these are your unique selling points. Always use strong words and action oriented words to describe your strengths and achievements.

Lastly, you could list the activities that interest you other than work in order to give a holistic view of yourself. Additionally, you could give references or could state that references, if required could be provided on demand.