Broadcast Journalist CV Template

It’s often a broadcast journalist’s dream to reach celebrity status in the television industry. Peter Jennings, Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel and Barbara Walters started out as Broadcast Journalists.  With a telegenic presence, incisive wit and excellent verbal communication skills, these people have journalistic writings abilities and have earned their mark with investigative work that have attracted viewers around the world. Broadcast journalists may not reach celebrity status, but with consistent high quality work, the can get climb the corporate hierarchy to becomes executives in the broadcast networks.

Sample Broadcast Journalist CV Template

Jason T. Martin

Theobald’s Rd, London

Phone: 020-5468-7868


A position as a broadcast journalist in a large cable news network

Professional Experience


2003 – Present:  2nd Assistant Broadcast Journalist, Special Events, BBC

  • Assist the TV Anchorperson in writing, editing and finalizing commentaries and editorials for broadcast on special events or assigned feature news.
  • Review and edit journalistic write-ups by novice broadcast writers as necessary
  • Conduct interviews as part of investigative journalism using mobile vans and portable recorders onsite.

1999 – 2003:  Feature News Assistant Editor, The Surrey Herald

  • Write, proofread and edit feature articles on assigned events and submit to the editor before deadlines
  • Gather local and international news reports from Reuters and other wire services and rewrite with a better incisiveness and insight to attract readers.


  • Excellent communication and journalistic skills, both verbal and written
  • Excellent interpersonal and social skills
  • High computer literacy and use of audiovisual field equipment



Portfolio of published journalistic works available during the interview



2001 – 2003: MA in Investigative Journalism, Kingston University, Surrey

1996 – 1999: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Brunel University, Surrey


To be furnished upon request