Butler CV

A Butler is expected to take on several duties around the house. They are generally considered to be the Master of the domestic staff and are in charge of running the staff smoothly so that the employing family has to bear no problems. In smaller jobs, Butlers may often engage in some cooking or performing valet duties. A Butler is also expected to take care of the family’s financial matters.

A good CV is a basic requirement for applying for a Butler’s job. House Masters, Head Servants and Valets may also use the same CV.

Sample Butler CV Template

Alfred Pennyworth

Goth Lane, 564th Street

New Jersey

New York


Mobile No: +87 98398 29

Telephone No: +93920 030 9

Career Objective: To serve worthy employers through my services as a butler.

Professional Experience:

1997-2009, engaged with the Lawsons, a family of legendary British Aristocrats, who recently decided to move back to their homeland. My duties included running the domestic staff, delving in family finances, providing Valet services and so on.

Butler Objectives:

  • To run the domestic staff as smoothly as possible
  • To take care of the family finances
  • To set strict schedules to be followed by the staff
  • To set menus for meals
  • To ensure that stocks are replenished once depleted
  • To deal with mail
  • To arrange for meetings and such


City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma for Butlers (500/6598/1)


A Butler’s achievement is a happy family.


  • Caves Exploring
  • Mimicry


“Upon request”