CAD Technician CV

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. And so CAD technicians are basically individuals who use CAD software to produce detailed 3-D plans for architectural purposes. A CAD technician is also expected to solve tricky situations using three-dimensional imagery and to find better ways of tackling things, in conjunction with the architect.

A CAD Technician may go on to become an Architectural Consultant, Computer Graphics Designer/Supervisor, or function in the gaming industry where such services are often required.

Sample CAD Technician CV Template

Wayne Falcone

77th Route Street



Mobile No: +43 3445 66544

Telephone No: +445 3243 654

Career Objective: To excel in the field of Computer Aided Designing by using my skills as a CAD technician.

Professional Experience:

EZ Solutions, 2007-2009: worked as a CAD Technician on a number of projects on a contract basis. I provided 3-dimensional renderings, plotted potential problems and did a lot of presentations relating to the same. The work required me to deal with a number of different clients and mindsets.

CAD Technician Objectives:

  • To provide detailed 3-dimensional plans to architects
  • To solve problems of spacing and arrangement
  • To ensure that the plans follow the laws of physics
  • To properly and clearly present the final renderings to the other team members


2002-2006: BA in Architectural Sciences, University of Georgia, Georgia

2006-2007: Associates Degree in CAD and Drafting, University of Phoenix


CAD work featured on prestigious computer graphics website:


  • Computer Games Modding
  • Font Designing


“Upon request”