Call Center Trainer CV

A call center trainer’s task is to ensure that newly acquired agents are properly informed of their duties and responsibilities. They are also tasked to train and educate the agents on the nature of work and the specific instructions they need to follow to provide customer satisfaction. They also manage the training schedules, the training modules and the progress reports of each agent undergoing training.

Sample Call Center Trainer CV Template

Zoe Wescott

123 Podsmead Place,

Gloucester, GL1 5PD

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Looking for an opportunity to work as a call canter trainer for an outsourcing company to be able to share my knowledge and impart values to become an excellent customer service representative

Educational Background

BS Mass Communications

University of ABCDE, Gloucester, 2006

Work Experience

2009-Presesnt: Call Center Trainer, Database Support Inc.


  • Monitor, facilitate and develop training activities for new agents
  • Design training programs to improve specific job skills needed to develop
  • Assess training needs, learning competencies and progress
  • Provide materials for training modules

2007-2009: Call Center Agent, Database Support Inc.


  • Trained and passed all core training modules
  • Answer customer queries over the company’s computer system
  • Provide answers to queries and solutions to issues



  • Proficient in verbal and written English
  • Excellent teaching and persuasion skills
  • Good motivator and leader



  • Trained 13 batches of call center agents
  • Provided 80% of the material needed to create a training module


References available upon request