Camp Attendant CV Template

A camp attendant CV template should unfold the specific abilities of a person who can carry out the job of a camp attendant effortlessly. It must reflect the didactic and training aspects of the person so that his compatibility with the concerned job post can be easily arbitrated. The CV should also contain the exact skills and expertise levels that are essential in carrying out tasks at the camp site from keeping it clean to acting as a guide imparting education and information on the camp site and nearby adventure locales. He also has to be thorough with camping services from cooking food to maintaining hygiene.

Sample Camp Attendant CV Template

PERSONAL DATA: [Insert specific details about the candidate]






Type of employment:

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Due to my _________ [insert habits and interests synchronizing with the job], I am keen on joining as a camp attendant.

HOBBIES: [State the common hobbies specific to the job title]

1. Mountaineering

2. Camping

3. ________ [state other related hobbies]

EDUCATIONAL DATA: [Educate the employers on the academic front]

  • Obtained high school diploma in _________ [mention year of passing high school]
  • Obtained ___________ [mention the other qualifications] in __________ [mention year]

SKILLS: [Stipulate the dynamic job-related skills]

1. _______________

2. _______________

PROFESSIONAL DATA: [Furnish information about past working experience]

During _______-______ [specify the period of employment], I have been a camp attendant at _____________ [mention camp location] under _____________ [mention employer name]

TRAINING BACKGROUND: [State the training elements]

Trained in ___________ [specify training content] from ___________ [specify registered school name] for a duration of _____________.