Careers CV

Whenever we post our application for a job interview, we are actually performing a pursuit of happiness. Money makes us happy and in order to have some, we have to build our careers. The first step involves writing an outstanding CV.

  1. Include information; this can serve as reference material. Personal details would be good for the beginning.
  2. Next on the list is your Education and Qualifications. Omitting high school education is certainly not a blooper; those having a university degree do not need to get into details, except when high school years are relevant for the position. Professional Qualifications should engulf relevant courses you’ve studied at the university. Training Courses (if any) are essential as well.
  3. Work experience does not mean that you should include voluntary work or any part-time jobs, be professional above all! Start with a reversed chronological order so that the employer knows your professional development better. This section is ideal for mentioning your major achievements. Think carefully about them as these will increase your chances of getting hired.
  4. Other Experiences, Interests and/or Hobbies shouldn’t miss.  They can be handy during extracurricular activities. Chances are that you share the same enthusiasm with the employer and that’s when you really strike gold!
  5. References are optional.
  6. A summary will total your qualities and achievements.

Good luck!