Caregiver CV Template

Caregivers provide health care to elderly and sick people in their homes or own location.  They ensure that their patients receive their medication on time and also ensure that their other needs are provided.

Sample Caregiver CV Template

Steve O’Shea

Liverpool, Merseyside, L28 6WG

Phone:  123-7766-9999



I would like to be employed as a caregiver in a nursing care facility which will allow me to give my services to a greater number of individuals.  I am a sincere worker and love to work with the elderly.


Summary of Qualification

  • Six years working as a private caregiver of an elderly who is also sick.
  • Very affectionate and patient in dealing with the elderly.
  • Can communicate well with patients and clients, orally and in print.
  • Highly skilled in giving physical and medical care to the elderly.
  • Can relate to the elderly and their common hobbies and interests.

Career Experience/Job History


2004 – Present:  Private Caregiver

  • Go to the house of client everyday to provide his daily needs.
  • Help client in maintaining their physical and cognitive health.
  • Help client in walking and assist him in his daily exercise.
  • Use specialized drills and exercises to help him maintain his memory.
  • Ensure his proper day-to-day nutrition by planning the menu, shopping, and preparing his meals.
  • Assist the client in bathing and going to the toilet.
  • Do housekeeping tasks such as laundry, dishwashing, dusting, doing errands, making beds.
  • Fix his schedule and appointments.
  • Provide emotional support by constant conversation and engaging in entertaining activities such as board games and watching films.


2002 – 2004:  Caregiver course

Passed certification exam.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.