Carpet Installer CV Template

Commercial offices, condominium units and bedrooms in homes are mostly carpeted and   this is made possible by professional Carpet Installers who are trained for the job.  They prepare and treat bare cement or wood flooring for installation of carpet materials of customer’s choice.  Using the right tools, equipment and fitting procedures appropriate for the carpet material, Carpet Installers can make carpeted floors last ages of worry-free use if not a lifetime.

Sample Carpet Installer CV Template


George T. Lubovsky

Cable St., Lancaster, England

Phone: 01523-243512


To work as an Carpet Installer for a large construction company

Professional Experience


2005 – Present: Carpet Installer, Lancaster Carpets Ltd.

  • Smooth out bare floor exterior to be carpeted, correcting any deficiency that could cause irregular carpet wear.
  • Use prescribed hand gears such as staple guns, drills, rubber hammers and carpet knives in attaching the carpet into the floors and stairs.
  • Cut and shave carpet fabrics to match along wall edges, openings, and projections.
  • Finish carpet edges by a wall trimmer.
  • Obtain floor blueprint and plan carpet layout for large office installations.
  • Connect carpet sections and edges by stitching or by heat-taped seams.


  • Excellent medicinal and physical fitness to carry heavy drywall and insulation materials
  • Strong understanding skills to follow instructions and read interior blueprints.


Awarded by management in 2009 for perfect attendance


2005 – 2007: Apprenticeship with a local construction company

2002 – 2005: High School Diploma, St. Margaret’s Church of England High School, Liverpool


Can be provided upon request