Chemical Engineer CV

Chemical Engineering involves using raw chemicals to produce useful end products. Chemical Engineers are not always employed in testing chemicals, however. They also function in research and development sectors, for example. Much of the work revolves around combining chemicals to make viable substances. The work is extremely specialized and only qualified individuals may apply.

A strong CV is required to apply for this job. A four-year degree is required to apply. Chemical Engineers may eventually go on to become Biochemical Engineers or Nuclear Engineers.

Sample Chemical Engineer CV Template

William Mace

Truth Street, 88#

Los Angeles


Mobile No: +87 9287 39287

Telephone No: +998 2098 3

Career Objective: To use my knowledge of chemicals and chemistry in general to create useful end products that are beneficial to both companies and the public.

Professional Experience:

Chem Research Labs, 2004-2007: worked as a Junior Chemical Engineer, responsible for producing written reports to ensure that the theory behind would-be tests was sound.

Atom Labs, 2007-Present: working as a Chemical Engineer trying to discover the best possible chemical combination for Hydro-oxygen power.

Chemical Engineer Objectives:

  • To use raw chemicals to produce viable compounds
  • To research all properties to no end
  • To produce detailed written reports
  • To ensure that the work is safe


2002-2004, Masters in Chemical Science, University of Southern California


I was given special mention at a recent Chemical Reports conference in Montana for my proposals for separating gases out of solids.


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