Chemistry Professor CV Template

Chemistry professors specialize in teaching Chemistry subjects in universities, colleges, and other academic institutions.  They are highly knowledgeable in the chemical properties of matter as well as the chemical processes that may occur in nature.  Chemistry professors may further specialize in subject matters in chemistry such as biochemistry and physical chemistry.  They must also be knowledgeable and capable of conducting laboratory classes where the students perform laboratory exercises to demonstrate the topics.  Chemistry professors need to be resourceful and innovative in creating lessons and exercises that would entice interest in students while also effectively teaching the subject especially since chemistry is a complex subject.

Sample Chemistry Professor CV Template

John Carrington

Norfolk, NR5 7TJ

Phone:  1234-567-8901



Proactive and resourceful professional is looking for employment as a chemistry professor in a university that gives professors academic freedom and offers opportunities for career growth.


Summary of Qualification

  • Five years of work experience as a chemistry professor.
  • Thorough knowledge in chemistry and biochemistry principles.
  • Capable of supervising laboratory exercises.
  • Exceptional skill in handling classes with students of various characters.
  • Highly organized and efficient in teaching.


Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Chemistry Professor, Norfolk University

  • Prepare lesson plans and visual aids for classes.
  • Handle three subjects and at least five chemistry classes a week.
  • Handle and oversee laboratory exercises.
  • Serve as thesis adviser to several students.
  • Conduct research work and write scientific articles.



2001 – 2004:  Master of Science in Biochemistry, London University

1997 – 2001:  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, London University


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.