Civil Engineering CV

Civil Engineers exclusively take work in the public sector. This may include flyover construction, road repairs and office building constructions. They are often hired directly by municipalities or through private firms offering their services. Civil Engineers are also concerned with public sectors like transport facilities, airports, market places and so on. Basically, anything that will eventually be used by the public comes under their domain.

The post is a very sought after one. Civil Engineers may go on to become Environment Engineers, Water Engineers or Engineering Consultants.

Sample Civil Engineering CV Template

Root Hank

Swamp Street



Mobile No: +34 928349283

Telephone No: +238 49382 983

Career Objective: To use my knowledge of engineering to serve the public and the nation.

Professional Experience:

2004-2007, Missouri Municipality: worked as a full time Civil Engineer, using my skills to help construct flyovers, train stations and roads.

2007-Present, Goodwill Road Solutions: currently employed as a Civil Engineer working exclusively with road construction work. It is my job to determine what kind of load the road is expected to take and how best to tack different requirements for the same.

Civil Engineering Objectives:

  • To work in public sector related projects
  • To serve the public interest by designing efficient systems
  • To make efficient systems to save the tax-payers’ money
  • To make structure that will last long and serve the residents well


2000-2004: Bsc in Civil Engineering, Mississippi University


Several of my new designs have been patented by the government to be used in the foreseeable future.


  • Trekking
  • Collecting Insects


“Upon request”