College Student Career Counselor CV

A career counselor is an educated, trained professional who train clients in researching, selecting, planning, entering, developing and changing their careers. College Student Career CV template can be helpful for job placement in colleges, universities, industries related to academics and also one can work as a freelancer too.

College Student Career Counselor CV Template

Jackson Kim

20, Swamp Street

Bristol 9386

United Kingdom

006 – 452 – 9341 – 25

Jackson@yourmail. com

Objective: Looking for the an opportunity to work as a career counselor for a reputed university or a college


  • Extraordinary creative, statistical and analytical skills to create plans and papers for preparing career development processes.
  • Able to assist professionals in planning academic, personal, and career-oriented goals and complete them
  • Professional writer, author, and speaker for various IT Career Advancement seminars
  • Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills and exCellent interpersonal and communication skills.


2007 – 2010

Westwood College, Bristol

Career Counselor

  • Responsible to manage and design admission process
  • Responsible for maintaining good relationship with school’s educational programs to address enquiries related to college, career goals, student service, and educational programs.
  • Responsible to prepare for graduate and professional schools.


Lehman University, Leeds


  • Responsible for planning, designing, and assisting IT and other students in developing career paths.
  • Gave support to various policies like school policies, institutional policies, procedures, rules & regulations.
  • Coordinated and conducted various workshops, training sessions, and conferences for IT, Business, and Hospitality professionals

. Education:

1999 – 2002

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

University of Bath, Bath


Masters in Human Resources and It Services

Leeds University, Leeds


  • Recognized as Career Specialist of the Year by Career Advancement Conference in 2009.
  • Participated in various seminars on career and development

Professional reference

Available on request