Commercial Artist CV Template

Commercial artists may be employed by a private company but most of the time they work with other artists in a commercial or advertising firm. They are hired to make attractive and effective advertisements for products, events and other productions. They are creative and out of the box thinkers who are constantly innovating and exploring new trends in the advertising scene. They must also be aware of the psychological impact of their work to the masses to be effective in their line of work.

Sample Commercial Artist CV Template


Karen Duncan

123 Good Street,

Efghi, London

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Seeking employment as a commercial artist in a challenging field in the media industry


Educational Background

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine arts

ABCDE University, 2006

Work Experience

2009-present: Commercial Artist, Media Advertising Group


  • Design banners and tarpaulins for promotional events
  • Meet up with some clients to present designs and record commercial specifications
  • Use photo retouching techniques to enhance photos and to create a design needed by the client
  • Prepare budget estimation for clients who specifically need the breakdown of costs for commercial advertising

2007-2009: Commercial Artist, ABC Commercials and Advertisements


  • Designed small posters
  • Designed and laid out brochures and leaflets
  • Responsible for client meetings to get specifications and provide insight on the concepts the clients present



  • Creative and innovative
  • Excellent representation and interpretation skills using different forms of media
  • Skilled in using photo editing software
  • Conscious with deadline and able to work under pressure


References available upon request