Communications CV

How to create a Communication CV?

Communication, indeed, plays a very integral role in the society. It is through effective communication that people understand and interact with each other.

The success of a company or any organization relies on effective communication, not only to the external population (clients/stakeholders, partners), but more so within the entity. Poor communication results to conflicts and misunderstandings among employees, officers and other staff of the company. Conflict and misunderstandings, moreover, result to poor work performance, non productivity, low quality outputs, bad corporate image, poor team work, biases, unprofessionalism, mediocre activities, and many more.

Internal communications may be in the form of memorandums, brainstorming, meetings, workshops, inter-agency publications, among others. External communications, on the other hand, may be in the form of press releases, magazines, leaflets, brochures, informational and promotional materials, seminars, workshops, exhibits, and many others.

Some of the professions within the field of communication include the following: Public Relation (PR) Officers, Communication Specialists, Information Officers (IO’s),  Event Planners, Writers, Field Reporters, Editors, Proofreaders, Newspaper Correspondents, Graphic Artists, among others.

A communicator’s resume or CV shall give emphasis to that person’s work experiences relevant to his/her target post, his/her Skills and Qualities, and good educational background. One must also specify the language or languages that he/she uses. A brief yet straight forward career objective is also a plus.

If the applicant could also include samples of his/her works (work portfolio), he/she would have a greater chance to be hired immediately. Work portfolios give employers a gauge on the abilities of applicants, and the credibility of their resumes.