Company Driver CV Template

Company drivers work in companies where they drive specific company vehicles and may be assigned as the driver of a particular company official or unit.  Company drivers may drive different kinds of vehicles from cars to vans that are used for official use of the company.  They transport company officials or employees to attend to business meetings, events, or other activities that are organized or participated in by the company.  Company drivers must also be familiar with the background of the company although they are not required to mingle with other employees or enter the venue of company activities.  They should also be courteous and work in a professional manner since they work in the business industry.  Company drivers often need to stay in different areas for long periods of time depending on the duration of activities attended by company members.

Sample Company Driver CV Template

Tim Jones

Aberdeen AB24 3FX
Phone:  123-4567-8901



Responsible and trustworthy individual hoping to become part of a company as a company driver where my skills can be maximized.


Summary of Qualification

  • With two years of professional experience as a company driver.
  • Familiar with transportation laws and regulations.
  • Capable of driving long trips and driving to various areas.
  • Sound knowledge in repairing vehicles in case of vehicle problems.
  • Willing to stay out of town during lengthy company events.


Career Experience/Job History

2008 – Present:  Company Driver, First Products Co.

  • Assigned to drive a company vehicle that transports a specific company official to business functions.
  • Transport company official and return him to his home.


With a high school diploma and driver’s license.


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.