Computer Hardware Engineer CV

Computer Hardware Engineers produce, maintain and fix computer hardware parts. It is their duty to create new products as well as to improve old ones. Their work requires them to be highly diligent and patient. Computer Hardware Engineers often work with Software engineers to make a product as user-friendly as possible.

The job requires a very strong CV plus a four-year degree in Computer Hardware Engineering for higher jobs. Smaller jobs, such as pure repairing work, may not require training at all, as some tend to give on the job training. However, a basic associates degree is recommended.

Sample Computer Hardware Engineer

CV Template

Spike Jones

Crossing Street



Mobile No: +987 39872 987

Telephone No: +8 72983 7

Career Objective: To channel my love for computer hardware into something useful both for clients and myself.

Professional Experience:

Blusers Computer Hardware, 2007-Present: currently employed as a Computer Hardware Engineer, working on flash drives and hard drives. It is my duty to make sure that old models are constantly updated to make them function better.

Computer Hardware Engineer Objectives:

  • To develop new hardware
  • To repair faulty hardware
  • To test hardware for full functionality
  • To improve existing hardware


2003-2007: Bsc in Computer Engineering (Hardware), University of Texas


My preliminary designs for an integrated graphics component  have been chosen by a prestigious Korean company that designs motherboards. The deal has nearly come through and the products are expected to go into production as soon as that happens.


  • Electrical wiring
  • Running


“Upon request”