Computer Software Engineer CV

A Computer Software Engineer produces and maintains computer applications through soft coding. The work involves patience, diligence and research. Most companies release different, new and improved version of software, so Computer Software Engineers are always at work, never seeing a day’s rest. A four-year degree is required to apply.

Being a very competitive field, a strong CV is recommended. Computer Software Engineers often work in conjunction with Computer Hardware Engineers to solve problems.

Sample Computer Software Engineer CV Template

Roy Stewart

Where Street



Mobile No: +98 9309 80398

Telephone No: +88 3982 98 3

Career Objective: To turn my passion for computers into a profitable enterprise by working as a Computer Software Engineer.

Professional Experience:

Aztech Computer Solutions, 2006-Present: currently employed as a Computer Software Engineer, responsible for coding and testing new applications. I have worked on countless applications during my time here, including both interfaced based and non-interfaced based. The job hours can be long, but I am forever dedicated.

Computer Software Engineer Objectives:

  • To produce the cleanest, most functional applications
  • To test applications for bugs
  • To release new versions with new features and bug fixes
  • To provide documentation for use


2002-2006: BSc in Software Engineering, New York University


I was awarded the “Rookie of the Year” by Aztech during my first year of employment. Since then I have been sent all around the globe for special assignments.


  • Playing video games
  • Collecting movies


“Upon request”