Construction CV

Individuals who work on construction sites are generally known as having rusty communication skills, nevertheless they too need CVs. Construction CVs cater for all levels of experience, from senior construction managers to junior construction workers. Whether a blue collar or a white collar job opportunity, applicants must be capable of working in a team.

They should track the success and the achievement of the construction worker, highlight its construction skills and underscore his experience to the smallest detail.

Construction is generic term and as such, you should expect individuals working in different industries. In order to balance the situation, Construction CVs should feature:

  • Outstanding format and presentation
  • Underlined strengths by the means of precise examples
  • Significant skills, suitable experience for a certain job
  • Industry terminology and action words for maximum impact
  • Usage of specific metrics

The following criteria will determine the format of the Construction CV:

  • Is the applicant part of the management or not
  • Is the applicant looking for a career progression or not
  • Is the applicant an entry-level worker or not

If all this was sorted out, then you should probably have a fine example of Construction CV template in front of your eyes.