Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon CV Template

A plastic surgeon is a medicinal doctor specializing in the restoration of skin, tissues, muscles, ligaments and bones for either treating burn or cosmetic purposes or accident victims also for children with physical deformities in their parts of the body.  They have been known to go into cosmetic surgery which has become a more lucrative career that focuses enhancing the physical aesthetics with breast augmentation, facelifts, double chin removal, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, liposuction, hair transplants and eyelid surgery.


Sample Cosmetic  Plastic Surgeon CV Template


Dr. Therese T. Sondheim, PhD.

Victoria Rd., Birmingham, England

Phone:  0121 451 2243


To work as a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in a beauty care clinic.

Professional Experience


1997 – Present: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon,  Queen Mary Burn Hospital, Birmingham

  • Perform reconstructive face and neck surgery in burn patients as referred to by attending burn specialists.
  • Examine extent of burn condition and apply the necessary reconstructive techniques to approximate a restoration of face and neck muscle and skin.
  • Advice patients looking for cosmetic surgery with information on surgical procedures, surgical risks, cost as well as available alternatives.
  • Collaborate with doctors of patients identified with congenital physical deformities, or survived traumatic accidents needing reconstructive surgery
  • Join local and foreign conferences on emerging developments in reconstructive surgery.


  • Above average knowledge and skill in using high technology devices in reconstructive surgery.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal and people management skills


1995 – 1996:  Internship with specialization in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery at the University Medical Center,

1992 – 1995:  College of Medicine, Harvard University

1989 – 1992:  BS in Biology, Lewisham College, London


Can be provided upon request