Court Recorder&Stenographer CV Template

Courts of law employ Court Reporters or Stenographers who are tasked with recording the events of court trials and hearing by taking down verbatim transcripts using a stenograph or other devices for capturing the proceedings. These transcripts become legal documents archived for future reference or legal proofs in related trials.

Sample Court Recorder/Stenographer CV Template

Darius H. Croft

Surrey, Kingston, UK

Phone:  020-445-402985


To be part of a Court Recorder in a metropolitan or municipal trial court

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present: Court Recorder/Stenographer, Surrey Court of Appeals

  • Capture court proceedings with complete accuracy using stenograph machines our more modern recording devices
  • Transcribe stenographs and recording into printed documents with the proper formats and accurate transcription to become part of the legal documents to be archived.
  • Secure 3rd party services to help in real-time translating of spoken word vis-à-vis deaf and hard-of-hearing witnesses.
  • Translate transcripts into Braille documents for court participants who are blind.
  • Provide copies of transcripts to lawyers and parties concerned.
  • Develop administrative procedures for easy storage and retrieval of all stenographic notes, stenograms and audio recordings in any medium.



  • Excellent organizational skills for storing and retrieving transcripts.
  • Excellent command of stenographic devices
  • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills



Cited by the trial judge and lawyers on the bench between 2004 and 2009 for consistent accurate capture of trial proceedings


2001 – 2003:  BA Commerce, Sheffield College, Yorkshire


Can be provided upon request