Cover Letter Template Retail

Sample Cover Letter Template Retail

Mr. Eddie Smith


Save More Enterprises

Dear Mr. Smith:

I run across an advertisement that your store have posted on public billboards. It says you are currently in need of cashiers for your retail store. I believe I am competent enough to work for the said post.

I am a student of the UK University of Commerce, and I am currently on the look for a part time job. I have a very flexible schedule now at school, and I can manage my time both for my studies and work. As an accounting student, I am very much familiar with the tasks expected of a cashier.

I am sending also my CV so you can have a clearer idea on my qualifications. I am willing to attend an interview that you will schedule upon assessing my qualifications.

Thank you and I look forward to getting a favorable response from your end.

Respectfully yours,

Kate Eigenman