Creative CV Template

You may be considered as the best production manager in your company however to be employed by another company you have to prove that your management skill will contribute to the company. When writing your CV or curriculum vitae, think about how your previous company benefited from your management abilities. To show emphasis on resume, have these skills and achievements bulleted. Right below is a creative sample of a production managers resume. This CV template can be used a guide when writing your own resume.

Creative CV Templates

Dan F. Humphrey

Peto Way, Lowestoft NR 22

North Quay Business Park 2ED

Mobile Number: 44 9223 132

Telephone Number: 0112 983 81813

Career Objective:

Production manager with excellent experience gained while working in a large multi- production company over the past 3 years. Experience in record optimizing, minimizing production losses, establishing new control systems, reducing downtime and meeting company objectives. Seeking to make significant contribution in a similar position in the Western Region.

Educational Background:

2003 – 2006: Masters in Business Management, Tideway Schulers University

1999 – 2003: Bachelor of Science in Business Management, University of London

Professional Experience:

2006 – 2008: Production Manager, London Oak Company


  • In charge of onsite manufacturing of bottles and keeping production at optimum levels
  • Maintained quality output on all products by use of SAP ERP planning techniques
  • As a member of the management team, contributed on strategy formulation
  • Supervised a team of 8 skilled operators
  • Trained and coached new employees while developing older staff
  • Carried out a search for fault in the system and provided solution
  • Loaded and unloaded finished products onto trucks for distribution
  • Responsible for the running of a high tech controlled coating machine
  • Advised staff on purchases, deliveries and product locations
  • Carried out accident investigation on production site
  • Led the launching of a new product with success and high income turnovers
  • Initiated ways to avoid excess waste and opened a recycling unit


    • Led company through the quality assurance assessment and received ISO certification
    • Led production team to increase performance from 20% to 60%.
    • Was voted as company spokesperson at the annual seminars held in Manchester
    • Received a certificate as best employee of the year