Creative Director CV

The responsibility of a creative director is to look after a project, its design and other matters related to making the project creative. The duties assigned to a creative writer are mentioned in the CV. Creative Director of every company has unique designations. The duties of the Director are concerned with developing and implementing new concepts and ideas to improve the company’s profits. The director has to interact with the clients and develop solutions that suit their requirements. Creative directors are often placed in industries like fashion, publication, film and advertising.

A Creative Director CV is useful for the individuals who want to take their creative talents to a higher level by opting to become professional creative directors.

Creative Director CV Template

Graham Thompson

76, Page Street

Central Woods,


The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 234 98 31 76 8

Telephone Number: + 1 234 422 1832

Career Objective: I am looking forward for a job as a publishing creative director in a reputed publishing agency.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2009: XYZ Publishing Agency, Miami

I have worked as a creative director (publishing) in XYZ Publishing Agency, Miami for two years. My job responsibilities were to bring up new ideas for publishing advertisements for promoting the articles of the clients.

2006 – 2007: ABC Publishing Consultants, Miami

I have worked with ABC publishing Consultant, Miami as creative director. I was responsible for interacting with clients and providing them the concepts and ideas for publishing new articles.


2002 – 2003: Bachelor of Arts (Intermedia), University of Miami

2004 – 2005: Master of Arts (Intermedia), University of Hawaii


My publishing concept was responsible in incrementing the product sales by 50%.


· Writing

· Acrobatics


I will provide references on request.