Criminal Investigator CV Template

The Criminal Investigator or agent works in government crime organizations and is responsible for ascertaining and establishing the facts behind a criminal event.  Harnessing an innate eye for detail, observation and deductive skills, and analytical thinking as well as high technology forensic tools and technologies, criminal investigators piece together often disparate clues to arrive at a defining analysis that can stand scrutiny in a court of law to convict suspects to the crime.


Sample Criminal Investigator CV Template

Susan G. Blakely

Sunset St., Birmingham, England

Phone:  0121 423 4409


Looking for a position as a criminal investigator in a metropolitan police force

Professional Experience

2003 – Present: Criminal Investigator, Criminal Investigation Laboratory, West Midlands Police

  • Assist the Chief of Police and assigned agents in investigating open homicide and criminal cases.
  • Conduct laboratory forensic studies in building-up evidence to stand scrutiny in a court of law.
  • Conduct interviews with relatives, family, work colleagues and friends of both crime victims and suspects.
  • Provide evidentiary and occupational testimony as may be required in any criminal trial.
  • Promote the ethical professionalism in the investigation force.


  • Excellent deductive reasoning and observations skills
  • Excellent command of forensic technologies and disciplines
  • Excellent negotiating and communication skills in English and Spanish



Received commendation from the Police Chief in 2004 and 2007-2008 for successful apprehension and conviction of more than 150 criminals during the period



2003:  Defensive martial arts and weaponry through in-house training

1998 – 2002:  BA Criminology, Durham University


To be furnished upon request