Criminal law solicitors CV

A criminal law solicitor is a lawyer who basically deals with any legal issue apart from court concerning Criminal law. He specializes into crimes, punishment and regulations of the penalties for offences. All the Investigations, charges, apprehend, and examining suspected offenders is done by the law of criminal procedure.

Criminal law solicitors CV

John Baker

55rd Street

New Jersey

New York


Mobile No: +43 348569348

Telephone No: +77 3456234625

Career Objective: I am a highly talented Criminal law solicitors, knowledgeable and experienced about charges, apprehend and penalties concerning criminal law. I have a an excellent command of the English language, associated with knowledgeable views in criminal punishments.

Professional Experience:

YYY Law, 2002-2004: worked as assistant Criminal law solicitors

YYY Law, 2004 and till now, working as a Criminal law solicitors

Criminal law solicitors Objectives:

  • To be able to present the organization in a brief description and what the organization specializes in.
  • To be able represent his capabilities and the influence of the Criminal law solicitors.
  • To be able to focus on the success outcomes that Criminal law solicitors participated in
  • To have the ability to act as a member of the crew
  • To be sure that the paradigm case of any crime exists in the proof, beyond any reasonable doubt.


2000-2003 BA of law, New York University


I was awarded the employee of the year at YYY law in 2008.


  • Reading novels


“Upon request”