Customer Service CV

With the commencement of the consumerist era, Customer Service CVs are selling like hotcakes. Those who are applying for a customer service position should include some essential details in their CVs.

  • An absolute interest in meeting customer needs
  • A friendly and professional attitude
  • Skills to develop empathy and ability to build rapport
  • Excellent listening and questioning skills

Working as a cashier at a bank does not mean that somebody possesses excellent Customer Service skills. When somebody is coming from related fields but not exactly customer service, then focusing on key points is indispensable. Providing a current good looking photo will certainly arouse attention and to tell you the truth, this will be a tie criterion. The better you look the more chances you have at a job interview.

The ultimate customer service representative has both the looks and the wit. Her/his CV Template should reflect genuine achievements:

  • Providing support to the sales team
  • Implementing a problem solving strategy
  • Developing new customer accounts
  • Training new customer service representatives
  • Preparing daily, weekly and monthly sales reports
  • Generating a portfolio with loyal customers

Action verbs like provide, implement, develop, train, prepare, generate, etc. are prone to making your Customer Service CV distinguishable.