Customer Service Manager CV

Customer Service can easily become a disservice as long as people like the Customer Service Managers lack appropriate attitude. Services as an industry have known a tremendous boom since their early appearance. What was first known as the founder of the company became shortly the Customer Service Manager. The latter one cannot be put under the same hat with the General Manager. The competence of these two differ to a great extent

Customer Service Manager CVs are similar to business cards. You should be attentive; putting the wrong information on the paper might have a disastrous aftermath. I am sure that you would be highly disappointed, once you found out that you cannot work with a customer service team. Chances are that you would learn a lot from Customer Service specialists like the Customer Service Supervisor, Customer Service Representative and last but not least the General Manager.

Sample Customer Service Manager

CV Template

Pieter Jan

Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 69 – 1012 NG


Mobile No: +31-20-6262202

Telephone Number: +31-20-5872202

Career Objective: To be a successful and resourceful Customer Service Manager who can encompass all the necessary efforts of various team members into one great achievement.

Professional Experience:

2000- 2010: Fulfilled Team Member duties at ITA Software INC.

Training objectives:

  • Achieving Customer Service department goals by implementing leadership and management principles.
  • Developing current job performance standards in order to achieve revenue objectives.
  • Develops and implements strategies for up selling, cross selling and outbound campaigns as appropriate.


1997- 2000: Bachelor of Business Administration – The University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

2000-2002: Master’s in Business – The University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam


The Jay Mohr-hosted event, which was held at the Red Rock Resort – Las Vegas – highlighted the most impressive achievements in game development in 2009. Receiving the “Best Team Leader” award was the most outstanding recognition showed by the media.


  • Driving
  • Fishing


“Upon request”.