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The HR Manager

Central Training Institute


Dear Sir:

Application for Employment

I have studied up to High School and have not been fortunate enough to pursue further studies due to very poor financial status of my father who is working as a Messenger in a private office with meager salary with which he could not afford my further education. I tried my level best to take up some employment to help my family. I hence, seek a suitable placement in your organization based on my high school qualification.

I can read, speak and write English and hence shall be able to take up any work entrusted to me which I will perform diligently and honestly without giving any opportunity to anyone for any complaint whatsoever. I am also poised for learning while working and will prove my worth to take up some responsible assignment in your assignment. I am attaching herewith my CV.

Thank you in advance and looking forward your favorable response, I remain,

Yours faithfully

Richard Butler



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