CV cover letter template

Cover letter is an introduction to your CV and therefore it should be drafted with great care and precision, so that it reflects your CV in the proper light and makes the employer want to read your CV.

The basic template includes

Contact Information



Zip Code

Phone Number

Email id


Employer Details

Name of person

Post held

Name of Company


Zip Code


Dear Ms. Or Mr. and the last name


Body of the Letter

First Part

The first part of any good cover letter should ideally state your reason for sending the letter and also state your interest in applying for the job. This is something that most people writing cover letters forget to do. Always remember expressing interest is very important so is stating the reason for the cover letter.

Second Part

The second part is where you introduce yourself professionally, or in other words state your qualification and experience. This is where you match the requirements for the job with your experience and qualification and show the employer how well suited you are for the job. Specifying special skills attained either before or during the course of your experience, along with mentioning specific and important achievements of your overall career will go a long way in whetting your employer’s appetite and make him or her look at your CV.

Third Part

This is where you conclude the letter by expressing your gratitude to the employer for having considered your application. You also very categorically mention your phone number, if you wish to receive a call from the employer. Or in the alternative you could clearly state that you will call and find out the result. Either way it is important to state your serious interest in the job and also leave room for follow up.


Yours faithfully, truly, sincerely etc.

Your signature

Your Name