Sample CV Cover Letter Template

A good CV cover letter describes an applicant’s key strengths and skills that are attractive during the recruitment process. The format should be formal and it should entice the recruiter. A job seeker should put a lot of effort and time into writing an excellent cover letter because a professionally presented cover letter will add weight to the application. Prior to writing curriculum vitae, it is important to research about the company and the job description. The following is a template of a good cover letter.

CV Cover Letter Template

Helen Prince,

33 Norwich,

Norfolk KJU8974,

April 28, 2007

Christopher Jackson,

Human Resources Manager,

Regent Commercial Bank,

44 Crawley,

West Sussex JI45HY

Dear Mr. Jackson

RE: Application for Marketing Executive Position

The accompanying curriculum vitae is in response to your advertisement in the Sun newspaper for a Marketing Executive. As a professional marketer with an exceptional background in successful marketing, I seek to position myself with a progressive company that is growing and expanding.

I am interested in this position because my experience as a marketing assistant in the Cooperative Bank of England prepared me for the challenges associated with this position. I have vast experience in organizing promotional activities, market research and strategic pricing. I have kept the Cooperative Bank afloat during the recession by applying my knowledge of strategic management. I am looking forward to using this experience for enhancing the operations and profitability of the Regent Commercial Bank. I am excited about the idea of working for a dynamic and nationally recognized bank.

I have a Masters in Business Administration, Marketing Management Option, from the Kings University in London. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in marketing. I also have a postgraduate diploma in Management from Prestige College.

I will contact you on May 5 to inquire when we can schedule a meeting. Should you want to schedule an interview or discuss more about my interest in this job, you may contact me on telephone number 222 56987. Our meeting will be subject to your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you.


Helen Prince