CV Cover Letters

CVs and Cover Letters stick together like glue. However, CVs are more self reliant, which cannot be said about Cover Letters. It is the personal pile of information that sets CVs apart. Applicants can leave from the interview knowing that they have obtained the position, without actually needing a cover letter. You cannot achieve the same result with a Cover Letter. The reason is simple: Cover letters are complementary.

Speaking of which, an effective Cover Letter is prone to providing additional information about the candidate and thus it should never duplicate the CV.  Although CVs are like main characters, backstage characters are also welcome. Furthermore, they can actually make the difference between an amazing job interview and a lamentable waste of time. Knowing this, it really makes sense to invest some time in writing one.

Having the best CV Template is still not enough to succeed. A poorly written or misguided Cover Letter will certainly blow out your candles. Standing out is of utmost importance, and once you discover that Cover Letters are your single opportunity to grab the employer’s attention, you’ll know why CVs and Cover Letters are interconnected.