CV Design Templates

There are various CV design templates and it can be confusing when deciding which one to use. Some of the resume designs include functional, performance, targeted, chronological, universal, hybrid and brief curriculum vitae. When deciding the appropriate one, pick a design that will best present your qualifications, skills, profile and experience. Make sure the template chosen gives a good and lasting impression on your prospective employer as a result getting you an interview.

CV Design Template

Hillary K. Duff

Brocas St. Windsor SL 2

Berks 8BW.

Mobile Number: 44 2301 3856

Telephone Number: 9242 298 923

Career Objective:

Film producer and director with 5 years experience in the corporate field. With an in depth knowledge in film production, advertisement and design. Adapt in tight working conditions that call for task prioritization. Looking to use my skills in interactive TV, technology convergence, audio visual script writing and digital media technologies to reach targeted goals.

Educational Experience:

2001 – 2004: Masters in Digital Television Management, UCCA

2000 – 2004: Bachelors of Arts in Film and Video, Manchester University

Work Experience:

2004 – Present: Film Producer and Director, Sky News


  • Directing TV commercials for leading products and adding special effects
  • Directed production of corporate image films for international companies and government sectors
  • Enhancing of creative culture of films to increase business revenues and receive more contracts
  • Producing corporate video segments various companies
  • Directed television interview segment and suggested ways to enhance viewer satisfaction
  • Produced documentary films shot in Africa and aired in Europe and Asia
  • Devised a production schedule for live footage of refugees in Sudan which is now streaming on company websites and airs on various local stations worldwide
  • Designed studio settings for interviews.
  • Selected music compositions used on various Sky new programs
  • Suggested new programs that viewers may prefer
  • Directed the live reality shows aired in Britain and included various designs
  • Directed star actors on a film entitled ‘Paying Forward’ which featured stars volunteering in their hometowns


  • Was appointed as point person for film editing
  • Able to speak Bahasa, Tagalog and Hindu fluently
  • Strengthened brand positioning through advertisements and awareness campaigns
  • Directed 100’s special effect films and 20 documentaries in 6 months.