CV writing tips

CV is your marketing tool, which reflects your capabilities and qualifications and ensures prospective employers are attracted and call you for an interview. Under such circumstances, it is essential that your CV is well drafted and represents the truth in a concise yet attractive manner. The following factors, if taken care of, while drafting your CV, will help you attain success in your job hunt.

Firstly, you should use titles that match the job you are applying for. Always remember that you get only five seconds to catch the attention of your prospective employer and therefore it is important to use a catchy title that will immediately attract his or her notice.

Secondly, always ensure you are concise in your content. The language should be crisp and to the point, yet convey the right meaning. It is absolutely necessary that your CV does not go over two pages. Similarly, always use words in your CV that are action oriented and powerful, especially while describing your skills and achievements. Always remember that a CV is tool whereby you can sell yourself and hence it is important to create one that will make the employer’s take notice. However, always remember never to oversell or falsely state any achievement as this could backfire.

Thirdly, prioritise the content that you want to use in the CV. It is important that you create a CV for a particular job in mind and therefore it is essential that you add only those details that are relevant for the job and nothing else.

Lastly, always remember to proof read your CV for spelling as well as grammatical mistakes, as this can spoil the first impression of the employer.



Cv Tips