Advertising CV category

  • Advertising Photographer CV

    Advertising photographers create images for advertising and sales promotion purposes. They work with companies who give photo specifications on lighting, subject and appeal to create an effective adve...
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  • Advertising Manager CV

    Advertising managers promote a company’s products and services. They are constantly I touch with a company’s marketing and sales departments to monitor the overall progress and profit. They are al...
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  • Advertising Executive CV

    Advertising executives have various functions usually depending on the market they are in. most of the time, they oversee all processes that serve clients which includes the sales promotion, media sel...
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  • College Administrator CV

    College administrators wear a lot of hats. Since they are expected to have at least a master’s degree, they are tasked with verifying the effectively of the curriculum, assuring quality education, m...
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  • Fresher in Advertising CV

    Every product and services needs to be advertised. The need and necessity for a good advertising campaign to have successful product is ever increasing. This has made advertising industry grow in leap...
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