Agriculture CV category

  • Farm Manager CV Template

    Farm managers perform handle and oversee different kinds of farms.  They create and implement farming plans and determine the number and kind of crops to plant, as well as the farming methods to impl...
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  • Botanist CV Template

    Botanists are biological scientists specializing in the science of plants.  Because of the broad number of species of plants, botanists may also specialize further depending on the type of plants the...
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  • Entomologist CV Template

    Entomologists are professionals with expertise in the study of insects.  They identify and determine the nature of insects for possible use in agriculture and other fields.  Entomologists help devel...
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  • Plant Pathologist CV Template

    Plant pathologists are scientists involved in the study and research of plant diseases and their causes, nature and control.  They are employed as researchers and professors in schools or in industri...
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  • Agricultural Engineer CV Template

    Agricultural engineers are engineering professionals who are experts in farming systems and agricultural industries.  They design farm equipment and machinery for use in pre-production, production, a...
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  • Landscape Architect CV Template

    A landscape architect specializes in planning and managing an aesthetic and practical outdoor environment for various clients.  They utilize and maximize natural resources such as plants and hills in...
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