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  • Freelance art CV

    Freelance art (short for freelance artist) is the one who forms contracts with freelancer individuals or companies to make drawings, paintings or graphics. Freelancer art can become a graphic designer...
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  • Conservation officer CV

    A conservation officer will guide on and enhance the conservation of the historic environment. Specifically, it’s a long-term care, conservation and promotion. Most of the work will be with certain ...
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  • Archaeologist CV

    An archaeologist is scientist who studies people and what they examined in the past from the remains they left behind.  Archaeologists might focus on the early Native Americans, early European reside...
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  • Acting CV Template

    While writing a CV for an acting career, it is important to describe oneself and also state all the past work experience. A good acting CV will clearly list all the qualifications, skills and talent a...
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  • Theater CV Template

    People with a theater background can use this template to get further jobs or roles in different plays. Along with the routine description about yourself, you should include the details of plays that ...
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  • Dancer CV Template

    Dancing is a very specific yet vast field. Any kind of dancer can use this template to get a job as a dancer or even use the experience to seek the post of a dance instructor or trainer. Training and ...
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