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CV writing can be quite a challenge. Whether for the seasoned worker or for the new college graduate who is making an entry into the corporate world. Especially now that there is an economic recession and hundreds of people are competing for the same jobs.

This site aims to help you overcome those hurdles and write excellent CV’s that will see you clinch that much needed free interview for any job. This is through the various CV templates; resume tips and CV sample formats that are available. Before submitting your resume to employers or recruitment agencies ensure that your resume is professionally written.

You can get your curriculum vitae professionally written for you, or you can use our CV templates to know how to write a professional cv.

Our free  templates will help you present your skills and attributes and effectively communicate what the employer is looking for.

We realize that most job seekers are shy of emphasizing their strong points in their CV’s, which could cost them a job interview. We give you tips on how to ‘sell’ yourself to recruiters through our CV templates and sample resumes. We also give you tips on how to use technology to your advantage, for example by writing online CV’s.

If you are uncertain where to start and what details to include in your resume, you can download our free CV templates and use them as a basis for creating your own resume template. These CV’s are easily editable through MS word. Just remember to personalize it and make it as original as possible for it to stand out.

If you have been using the same CV for some time without tangible results, its time for an overhaul, and look through our sample CV’s to find out what you have not been doing right.

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