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  • Events Promoter CV

    Events Promoter job is a challenging one and it needs lots of interaction with a client. They have to discuss with the client regarding the event and have to convince the client. Good communication sk...
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  • Media Buying Manager CV

    The job of Media Buying Manager involves lots of research on the different advertising media as it is the job of selecting a proper advertising media for the company. First the Media Buying Manger has...
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  • General Manager CV

    General Managers look after the various operations of the company and they have to report directly to the CEOs. They are the head of the all departments and they have to take the major decisions also ...
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  • Associate Manager CV

    Associate Mangers are the one who look after the office activities and to organize the different tasks. They also try to provide the better environment to the employees. The good communication skill i...
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  • Assistant Manager CV

    A Manager looks after the day to day working of organization and Assistant Managers work closely with them assisting them in their work. The responsibilities and work of Assistant Manager changes from...
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  • Office Manager CV

    Office Manager, in general, is responsible for smooth and efficient running of office. It is his responsibilities to take care of all the administrative tasks which are required hassle free operation ...
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