Technician CV category

  • Architectural Technician CV

    Architectural Technicians most often work directly under an Architectural Technologist to provide them with plans using Computer Aided Designs, preparing specifications and obtaining tenders. They are...
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  • Ambulance Technician CV

    An Ambulance Technician’s job requires the candidate to be able to perform basic lifesaving procedures until the time that the patient can be transferred to a proper medical facility. An Ambulance T...
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  • Body repair CV

    The prime work of a Body repair is to resolve the problems in a vehicle which are caused mainly due to physical damage. They damage could be either internal or external. One can perform the role of a ...
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  • Automotive Technician CV

    The work of an Automotive Technician is to provide quick service to its customers through his/her excellent knowledge base. He/she should be able to quickly detect the fault and work on it to diagnose...
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  • Auto Mechanic CV

    The job of an auto mechanic is to examine, check, and repair the various components of an automobile, such as, cars, buses, and trucks. To perform the above said tasks, an auto mechanic must possess a...
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