Transportation CV category

  • Ticket Collector CV

    Ticket collector is the term used for a person issuing tickets and collecting money from the customers. The ticket collector is responsible for assisting with entry, checking and stamping of tickets f...
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  • Train Driver CV

    Train drivers or locomotive engineers, are responsible for the operation of the train that carry passengers or cargo to various destinations. The most obvious aspect of working on the railway as a tra...
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  • Taxi Driver CV

    Taxi driver’s job involves picking up passengers and dropping them at their preferred locations. A taxi driver should be well versed with the landmarks and locations of the area in which he works. H...
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  • Transport Manager CV

    A transport manager’s duty involves managing the operations of the transport company. A transport manager plans and schedules the transportation of materials or personnel in an organization. The jo...
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  • Truck Driver CV

    The job of a truck driver is physically demanding and challenging. The first requirement for a person to apply for the truck driver’s job would be to have a valid heavy vehicle motor driving license...
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