Dance Choreographer CV Template

Originality and versatility is the name of the game to be able to stand out in the field of modern dance.  The modern Dance Choreographer is always facing the challenge to innovate on dance steps and sequences and not just ape or create variations on popular dance craze. Choreographers are typically classical dancers schooled in traditional ballet or even gymnastics and have experimented on modern dancing styles using ballet disciplines  that incorporate tribal, Afro-Caribbean, and other natural dancing styles to create novel dance sequencing. A resume for this position benefits with a recent video portfolio of choreographed dancing events.


Sample Dance Choreographer CV Template

Denise N. Crawford

Baker St., London

Phone:  020-2241-3365


A position as a resident dance choreographer for a theater production company

Professional Experience


2005 – Present:  Freelance Dance Choreographer,

  • Choreograph various dance performances in theater and schools events
  • Conduct dance workshops in classical ballet for interested children in grade school
  • Experiment with new dancing movements in the modern free style ballet and Afro-Caribbean styles.
  • Choreograph dance sequences for film and stage musicals as London’s West End theater circuit.
  • Provide dance choreography to snow skating performances and contests


Portfolio of videotaped modern and ballet dance sequences on stage available on request during the interview



  • Portfolio of choreographed dances in various events on theater and film to be submitted on interview
  • Excellent verbal communication and instructional skills.



2005 – 2006: Certificate in Afro-Caribbean Dance, Academy of Performing and Creative Arts

2003 – 2005: Diploma in Modern Dance, The Julliard School, NY


To be furnished upon request