Dancer CV Template

Dancing is a very specific yet vast field. Any kind of dancer can use this template to get a job as a dancer or even use the experience to seek the post of a dance instructor or trainer. Training and experience in different dance forms is absolutely essential and if you have proven experience of your ability then you can clearly state it.

Sample Dancer Resume Template

Anne Duvall,

34, Sunville Apartments,

Bradburn Road,



Mobile Number: 44 2298 8765

Telephone Number: 01987 543287

Career Objective

Using my dancing talent in Jazz, Ballet and Modern Dance, I would like to explore my chances in the field of theater. I would like to work in films that are dance oriented.

Educational Background

BFA in Dance and Choreography, 2003

Bachelors of Arts, 2000


Jazz – Vivian Leigh

Ballet – Kelly Rodgers

Modern Dance – James Leigh troupe

Work Experience

  • Performed at various stage shows like Music in my Life, Shadow, Rainbow colors, Imagine, Lovers paradise
  • Participated in dance shows on TV
  • Created a jazz routine for the musical Love is not enough
  • Performed a solo jazz routine for Andre Viliers
  • Mastered the art of Tap Dancing in the theatrical play Paradise
  • Performed in a full ballet Roses in May
  • Have had the opportunity to choreograph various occasions including college events, fashion shows, small dance performances
  • Co-Created the entire ballet routine for A Swans life with Kelly Rodgers


  • Great choreography skills
  • Fast learner
  • Nimble body
  • Multi lingual – can speak Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French and English