Designer CV

If you are all set to make a design CV, your CV must be able to reflect your inclination and ability for design.

Here are some of the tips to help you make your design CV:

  1. Consider your CV as a presentation format. Since you are applying for a design position, your CV should also be a showcase of your design ability. Consider inserting a logo in your CV to give yourself a unique identity provided you do have a logo. You might even want to consider making one to represent your unique identity.
  2. Make sure to include accounts of all the workshops you have attended and the certifications you have received. These workshops and certification must be relevant to the field of design.
  3. Include your familiarity and expertise with any design software that can help to speed up the employer’s task and may also be a useful tool for overall design position.
  4. In addition, do not forget to make a written account of your past work experience, your educational background and any other special skills that you may have.
  5. Try and attach a soft copy of your design work in the form of a CD. This CD can go in an envelope along with your CV.