Dietician CV Template

A dietician is a person educated and trained in nutritional care of not juts patients, but of people in different industries. They can work as a hospital dietician or in other facilities such as nursing homes or health clubs. Some companies and schools would also employ dieticians to ensure that the food served in the canteens is good for the body and mind. Certified dieticians must earn a bachelor’s degree and take subjects on nutrition, chemistry and biology and physiology. Though not a popular position, the job market will never be saturated with dieticians.

Sample Dietician CV Template

Doreen Coyle

123 The The Cherry Trees,

Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE19 1LN

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Looking for a position of a dietician in a company where my abilities and skills are needed for the growth of the company

Educational Background

BS Human Nutrition

Northumbria University, 2005

Work Experience

2007-2010: Chief Dietician, ABC Hospital


  • Prepare diet plans for special clients and patients with sensitive health conditions
  • Collaborate with the canteen crew and chef regarding daily menus for patients
  • Interview select patients with nutritional deficiencies regarding their condition
  • Devise plans on how to incorporate more nutritious food into patients’ meals
  • Train and supervise junior dieticians

2007-2010: Junior Dietician, ABC Hospital


  • Assist chief dietician with interviews and menu planning
  • Helped prepare menus for assigned patients
  • Performed other duties as assigned


  • Registered at the Health Professions Council as a licensed dietician
  • Graduated with highest honors from the university


References available upon request